Appreciate behavior and hard work with Kudo Cards

Kudo, what now? What is a Kudo Card?

Cute, isn’t it? Well, Kudo is a word that can mean praise or honor. It is a different way of saying that we should acknowledge achievements from our colleagues and peers.

Why should you use this kind of thing?

Appreciation is honoring people’s achievements and it is often the gas that fuels the fire of their motivation and engagement. It is through constant recognition that we perceive how people join in conversations and express their thoughts and theories. Or, we do it just to get a smile.

How did I use Kudo Cards?

It is possible to use Kudo Cards in many different situations, in a more spontaneous manner, or a more controlled situation. We can use it during a retrospective, a collective feedback session, or simply because you felt the need to praise someone’s work. In my case, I did a little bit of each. In this article, I will give you an example of each of these experiences, I will show you how I used the cards and give you important tips to make it work.

What did I learn from all of this?

Kudo Cards are extremely simple things. Praising people’s achievements and efforts is also quite simple. We don’t need much to acknowledge how positive a person was or how they behaved or simply show them we remember their birthday. And Kudo Cards allow you this simplicity. These small acts of affection and attention to people can bring more engagement, increase motivation, well, it can do a lot. So I learned a simpler, loving way to show how important people are and how great my team is.

  • Pay attention. There are a bunch of opportunities to use Kudo cards. Stay sharp and surprise people.
  • If someone is uncomfortable with writing a Kudo card, try giving them one yourself. No need to ask for their permission, just do it and see their reaction. Even if they end up not writing any, at least you’ve given them something to feel good about.
  • Don’t give any suggestions on to whom people should give a Kudo card or what they should write in it. Let them think and write down their own thoughts and feelings.
  • Don’t push it. If someone is uncomfortable with doing it, let them take their time.



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