Appreciate behavior and hard work with Kudo Cards

Kudo, what now? What is a Kudo Card?

Why should you use this kind of thing?

How did I use Kudo Cards?

What did I learn from all of this?

  • Pay attention. There are a bunch of opportunities to use Kudo cards. Stay sharp and surprise people.
  • If someone is uncomfortable with writing a Kudo card, try giving them one yourself. No need to ask for their permission, just do it and see their reaction. Even if they end up not writing any, at least you’ve given them something to feel good about.
  • Don’t give any suggestions on to whom people should give a Kudo card or what they should write in it. Let them think and write down their own thoughts and feelings.
  • Don’t push it. If someone is uncomfortable with doing it, let them take their time.




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Felipe Oliveira

Felipe Oliveira

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